Which path are you on?

Checkered - Choosing not to Choose.

Yellow - Choosing yesterday again,  or

Green - Choosing your best life.

Three Paths, Three Choices guides you in changing paths and changing mindsets that are keeping you from living your best life. Order your copy today.

Sherry Ransom

                 Choosing Your Possibilities over Your Limitations

What are you choosing in your life?

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Changing the World

​       by changing personal perspectives

Embrace Your Power to Choose & Embrace Success

  • Awaken to the endless life choices and life possibilities provided through God's gift of Free Will.
  • Be Blessed by the empowering strength already inside of you.
  • Show Gratitude through giving thanks and by sharing your time, talent and/or treasure to complete the wheel of Grace. 

Three Paths, Three Choices

Getting the Life You Deserve

INSPIRE,The Dreams Live On is a timely documentary featuring a cast of personal development pros who have joined forces to bring the benefits of positive thinking and positive actions to communities worldwide that are often overlooked in progressive doctrine.  The roots of the success problem in many communities are harbored within the minds  and culture. These challenges can be overcome and transformed into opportunities. 

Join the community of truth seekers who want you to enjoy life on a level that matches the visions you hold for yourself, your families and your community. Choose to capture the shared wisdom of the ten men and women sharing hard-earned knowledge for your inevitable success. Watch the trailer on this page and then watch the movie by connecting with this button. 

You can only take one breath at a time.

You can only take one step at a time.

You can have only one thought at a time.

and most importantly, you can only make one choice at a time.

Your life is always one choice away from creating more. One choice can lead you toward the life you want and another will lead you away from what you want. 

A succession of choices have led you to where you are right now (whether you like it or not). Look carefully at the next set of choices you make. Will they take you closer to your best life or ...