A Woman Who Loves Life

The Author

Sherry's book, Choose Again! Embrace the Blessing of Choice & Create the Life You Want  has become the centerpiece and formula for guiding others in discovering clarity, purpose and success in lives of their own choosing. The book introduces readers to the three paths - Checkered, Yellow and Green. Self-assessments  and self-reflection guide the reader to a new awareness of empowerment and clarity for moving forward in transforming their own lives. 

She is also the author of the books: Three Paths, Three Choices - Getting the Life that You Deserve offers formulas for discovering clarity and purpose in life. Growing Older Gratefully - BE Attitudes for Purposeful Living; The BIG Business of Gratitude- Capitalizing on Heartfelt Actions; and The Business Gratitude Journal- 180 Days of Grateful Expressions and Intentions for Business Success. 

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The Activist

"We are blessed so that we can bless others."  This belief has guided Sherry in acting not only as a Mentor in the thought-provoking documentary

"INSPIRE, The Dreams Live On- THE SECRET IS OUT - but also in acting as one of the film's producers.

The Woman

Sherry's passion lies in helping others to lead their best possible life. It is a passion that blossomed from her own desire to succeed in spite of perceived obstacles and challenges. 

During one of her defining birthdays, she decided to redefine her life as if she had no limits or boundaries. Miracles happened and dreams became living realities. Her journey became her first book, Three Paths, Three Choices. The tagline, Getting the Life that You Deserve, was chosen as a reminder that we must first question what we feel we deserve. 

For over twenty years, she has served others through coaching, speaking and one on one encounters in guiding clients to live their realized dreams. Sherry's spirit of love and grace infect everyone she meets.  

THE DREAMS LIVE ON will help you discover your dreams or put you back on track towards your dreams, but first you must know that the laws of the universe are available and imperative on the road to success. It is designed to connect with your inner self and identifies with your struggles, challenges, frustrations and hopes for yourself and your family. Do you want more for your life? Are you hungry for change?  DO something different. Need a road map? Watch the movie and take notes. 

In the film, Sherry shares her life insights along with ten other Mentors to bring awareness, blessings and gratitude to those who are looking for life transforming answers. Check out the trailer on this page.

Motivational Speaker, Inspiring Author and Personal Growth Mentor

"Every moment in life reflects a choice that has already been made and an opportunity to make a new choice. Choose in favor of your destiny"