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Choose Again!

Embrace the Blessing of Choice and Create the Life You Want

​Take a look at your home, your career, your relationships, or your happiness - what do they all have in common? They represent a culmination of the choices you have made to date. If life is not working for you or is at a standstill - embrace our greatest God-given gift - choose again and create the life you want one choice and one step at a time. New Release - Order today.

The Art of Growing Older Gratefully

(BE Attitudes for Purposeful Living)

Written as an invitation to explore the mastery of enjoying and appreciating the life you have right now. It is written from the viewpoint that aging is a process of living and not a process of declining. Straight to the point stories and anecdotes coupled with enlightening exercises remind us that we are masterful works in progress. The BE Attitudes after each chapter act as daily reminders and guideposts. Available in Paperback and Kindle at Amazon or Buy Now for signed copy.

Writing is a great joy for me and sharing the blueprints that have increased the joy in my life and business is a blessing indeed. My intention with each book is to inspire you to choose your best possible life and to reach for the endless possibilities of joy. 

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Three Paths, Three Choices (Getting the Life You Deserve)

This book celebrates the gift of choice in our lives and offers effective exercises for examining, reflecting and redesigning our choices. Join others who have realized their true potential after using this book as a learning tool.  Available as Paperback or Kindle on Amazon or Buy Now for signed copy.